Sole Membership – unmarried person, widow or widower only (children thru 11 included) per season - call for price
Family (husband and/or wife, including thru 11 years of age) per season - call for price
Additional adult domiciled with member 18-24 years of age (married couple not included)   per season - call for price
Members’ children unmarried, 12 thru 17 years of age – each per season - call for price
All membership payments received after May 1st will be charged a $100 late fee.
Each new membership will be charged a $100.00 initiation fee.
(Parking facilities for one car included with a membership only).


Rental of Bathhouse per season for members and family - $230.00


Per season for member and family (days only – not for overnight use) - $3550.00


Adult Guest for one day - $6.00
Children Guests for one day (6 thru 17) - $4.00
Parking for autos without stickers per weekday - $10.00
Parking for autos without stickers Saturday, Sunday, holiday weekends - $20.00


1.  Membership does not include cost of additional functions.  Only paid ticket holders allowed at such functions.

2.  Visitors from adjacent beaches must be signed in at front gate and pay guest fees.

3.  Each guest is limited to four visits per season.

4.  Each family membership will be limited to a maximum of two stickers.  Single memberships will be limited to one sticker.

5.  Cabanas may not be shared with another member without prior approval from management/owners. If membership/cabana rental is ever discontinued, the cabana does not pass by succession to the member sharing the cabana with the original renter – it returns to the Club for reassignment.

6.  Members may be limited to one parking space per family in the main lot.

7.  Any cars without stickers must park in the designated area and pay the parking fee.

8. Parties, meeting, or gathering for children of members after 6:00 PM without management approval is prohibited.

9. All membership fees must be paid or postmarked no later than May 1st otherwise said membership will be considered cancelled.

10. The club facilities are available officially from the 20th of June to Labor day inclusive. During this period there will be Life Guard service from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  Beach use after 5:00 PM is at your own risk.

11. Snack bar hours will be based on weather conditions.

12. Cabana space and decks reserved “exclusively” for cabana patrons.  Overnight sleeping prohibited.

13. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Keep in mind that the lifeguards are not babysitters and need your assistance watching your children.

14.  Auto stickers are not transferable.

15. No fire, bake or roast of any kind on the club premises is permitted except in the designated area and only between the hours of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  Members may not supply their own grills.

16.  Playing ball or Frisbee on the club premises is permitted in designated areas only.

17.  Fireworks are forbidden on the club premises.

18. Glass bottles or glass containers are not allowed on the sandy beach.

19. Fins, masks, floats, rafts and boogey boards are permitted in designated area.  No surfboards are allowed on the beach between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

20.  Food which has not been purchased at the club snack bar must be consumed in the picnicking areas only and not in the restaurant.  No picnicking on the beach.

21.  Members and their guests are earnestly requested to make an effort to keep the premises clean and so advise their children.  Deposit trash and recyclables in the bins provided.

22.  All members and guests using the club’s premises do so at their own risk; also the club is not responsible for loss, theft, fire, accident, injury or damage to any vehicle, property and/or person.

23.  No dogs or pets allowed on the club premises.

24.  No large appliances of any kind shall be plugged into the cabana receptacles, they are designed for lamp and radio use only; there is a special plug for small refrigerators.

25.  Misrepresentation on the application form shall void membership.

26.  The management reserves the right, without notice, to refuse, suspend, revoke, or dismiss any member, guest or person from the property of the Seaside Beach Club, Inc.

27.  Memberships, cabanas and bathhouses are not transferable.

28.  All charged guest fees must be paid by Labor Day.

29.  There will be NO SMOKING on the property.

30.  There will be NO COOKING in the cabanas.